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41-47 Dodge Truck Firewall Fastener Package of 12



41-47 Dodge Truck Firewall Fastener Package.  We put this package together because we realized that the folks who originally owned our project trucks lost the screws on the firewall cab face and they were replace with whatever was around.  Here you have a complete package of the correct slotted round head screws listed by application so your restoration is correct.  These though are in Stainless Steel so you never have to worry about rust.

Includes:                                3 ea Generator Regulator Mount Screws

                                                3 ea Ignition Coil Mount Screws

                                                2 ea Control Tube Bracket Screws

                                                2 ea Headlight Cable Junction Block Screws

                                                2ea Choke/Throttle Clip (2ea WFM only) Screws

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