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Vic's Dodge Garage is CLOSED.

Vic’s Dodge Garage Story:

In the beginning, I began restoring speedometers and gauges for friends and customers, but it wasn’t long before I recognized the potential to expand into other restoration products. My fledgling company began handcrafting custom truck interiors, firewall pads and glove box liners, selling them to restoration dealers all over the world. The popularity of the restored speedometers, gauges and reproduction interiors led to the manufacture of more high quality restoration products, prompting me to launch this website and online store for you. Manufacturing only the highest quality products, providing exceptional customer service and treating others how I would like to be treated…that is what Vic’s Dodge Garage was all about!

Like you, I am an avid truck restorer. I am currently working on and have finished several frame-off restorations and I consider myself a motorhead to the core. In the past, while doing restorations, I dealt with subpar labor and horribly designed re-production parts that cost me valuable time and money. For these reasons I was driven to find only the highest quality and most period correct NOS or reproduction part possible for you-no excuses!  A desire for high quality restoration parts was at the root of why Vic’s Dodge Garage was started and how Vic’s Dodge Garage conducted its business.

Throughout its business life, Vic’s Dodge Garage experienced an unbelievable growth and catered to a variety of U.S. and International customers in the vintage restoration and custom manufacturing market. Vic’s Dodge Garage pushed ahead every day; combining the latest manufacturing technology and old world craftsmanship for only the finest quality products.

As of December 2022, Vic’s Dodge Garage closed its doors.  I have thoroughly enjoyed helping all of you with your hobby, but the time has come to permanently retire and pay attention to my family, my health and once again to my own posse of Dodge trucks which have patiently waited for me to once again give them the attention they deserve.

So once again, thank you so much for all your loyalty, friendship and patronage.  Take care and hopefully we will meet at a Swap meet somewhere in the future!



Vic Gallienne

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