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Vic's Dodge Garage is quietly re-opening under new ownership.
Most items are again available, but please be patient as all the particulars are worked out so you can once again purchase all your quality restoration Dodge truck products from Vic's Dodge Garage, a company you can trust.

Vic’s Dodge Garage Story:

Thank you for contacting Vic’s Dodge Garage.  In the beginning, Vic began restoring speedometers and gauges for friends and customers, but it wasn’t long before he recognized the potential to expand into other restoration products. The fledgling company began handcrafting custom truck interiors, firewall pads and glove box liners, selling them to restoration dealers all over the world. The popularity of the restored speedometers, gauges and reproduction interiors led to the manufacture of more high quality restoration products, prompting Vic to launch this website and online store for you. Manufacturing only the highest quality products, providing exceptional customer service and treating others how you would like to be treated…that is what Vic’s Dodge Garage was all about!

Vic retired in December of 2022 so he could work on his own trucks and travel with his wife.  So now (January 2024) Vic’s Dodge Garage will be in the care of a new owner Dustin Thorsby, also an avid restoration buff.  Look for exciting things to come as Dustin brushes off the dust and gets all the gears of Vic’s Dodge Garage working again.  It will take a little time to work things out, so please be patient while Vic’s Dodge Garage comes back to life!

The crew at Vic’s Dodge Garage

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