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Vic's Dodge Garage is CLOSED.
As of December 31st, we are no longer taking orders or selling product over our website. We are not answering emails or taking calls as well. Please re-direct your questions, purchases towards one of the many other Vintage Dodge truck dealers which are on the internet.

1941-47 Dodge WD Wiring Harness with Turn Signals-complete



New 1941-1947 Dodge WD (civilian) Wiring Harness with Turn Signals: Forget trying to patch up the original frayed and cracking wiring harness.  Our 1941-1947 Dodge WD (civilian) Wiring Harness with Turn Signals is made just like the original using color correct cotton braided wire with soldered bullet plugs and phenolic connectors.  Each wiring harness comes complete with all connectors, light sockets as well as step by step plug in instructions.

This wiring harness is for 1941-1947 Dodge WD trucks with the 126″ wheelbase.  If your wheelbase is different, please call in to confirm we have your harness in stock.

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