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Vic's Dodge Garage is quietly re-opening under new ownership.
Most items are again available, but please be patient as all the particulars are worked out so you can once again purchase all your quality restoration Dodge truck products from Vic's Dodge Garage, a company you can trust.

1939-47 Dodge Truck Speedometer and Gauge Cluster



Available on backorder


Need a restored 1939-47 Dodge Truck Speedometer and Gauge Cluster set and don’t want to wait 6 months for them. We now have ready to install completely restored 1939-47 Speedometer and Gauge Cluster sets available in stock. These come with a full workmanship warranty. Every component has been fully cleaned, lubricated, refurbished and tested. All Gaskets, glass and seals are new. Bezels have new nickel plating. These restored speedometers and gauges are factory fresh.

Trade-in of your old speedometer and gauges are required for this purchase. These must be in restore-able condition and have all parts attached.

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