6V Standard Ignition Coil 90 Degree spark plug wire terminals straight spark plug wire terminals copper ignition wire terminal

6V Standard Ignition Coil-EXT resistor - Not Required

90 Degree Spark Plug Wire Terminals - Set of 6

Straight Spark Plug Wire Terminals - Set of 6

Copper Ignition Wire Terminal with 1/2 " Spike - Set of 7

Price $2.40

Price $30.00

Price $2.40

Price $2.80

distributors terminals distributor wire boots distributor wire boots Dodge IGS L6 Distributor cap

Distributors Terminals

Set of 7

Distributor Wire Boots - Set of 7

90 Degree Distributor Wire Boots - Set of 7

Dodge IGS L6 Distributor Cap

Price $4.20

Price $2.80

Price $4.20

Price $25.00

34-53 Dodge L6 Breaker Point set premium 34-53 Dodge L6 breaker point set standard 34-53 Dodge IGS L6 Distributor Rotor 34-50 Dodge AC condenser for L6 engine

34-53 Dodge L6 Breaker Point Set - Premium

34-53 Dodge L6 Breaker Point Set - Standard

34-53 Dodge IGS L6

Distributor Rotor

34-50 Dodge AC Condenser for L6 engine

Price $12.95

Price $7.95

Price $11.00

Price $8.50

Autolite spark plug

Autolite Spark Plug

Set of 6

L6 Ignition cable set

L6 Ignition Cable Set

solid core copper wire

Solid Core 7MM Copper Wire

Order By The Foot

starter contact switch

Starter Contact Switch

Price $18.00

Price $40.00

Price $0.60/ft

Price $35.00


6V High low sealed beam headlight dash light tail light turn signal switch

6V High Low Sealed Beam Headlight

Price $13.95

6V GE55 Dash Light Set of 2 EA

Price $2.50

6V GE1154 Tail light Set of 2 EA

Price $3.00

Turn Signal Switch

flasher flasher plug mount headlight dimmer switch electrical buss

6 volt Tung-Sol 535 Flasher

Flasher Plug Mount assembly

Headlight Dimmer Switch

2 Post Electrical Buss

Price $12.00

Price $8.95

no price yet

Price $18.50

electrical buss brake light switch dash lights push pull switch headlight switch fused

3 Post Electrical Buss

6 Volt Brake Light switch

Dash Lights Push-Pull Switch new

Headlight Switch-Fused

Price $18.50

Price $17.95

Price $12.50

Price $13.00

Cowl Lights

cowl light lens cowl light bezel retainer clips cowl light reflector to bezel gaskets cowl light relfector

Cowl Light Lens

1 each

Cowl Light Bezel Retainer Clips

Set of 4

Cowl Light Reflector to Bezel Gaskets - Set of 2

Cowl Light Reflector

1 each

Price $3.00

Price $10.75

Price $2.00

Price $12.50

cowl light socket pigtail
cowl light to cab rubber gasket cowl light to cab rubber gasket

Cowl Light Socket Pigtail

1 each

Cowl Light to Cab Rubber Gasket - 1 Pair

39-47 Cowl Light Bezel

Price $2.25

Price $6.00

Price $17.00

Primary Circuit

gauges battery cables

1 gauge battery cables in

23" or 30" lengths

Select Length
Professionally rebuilt autolite generator

Professionally Rebuilt 6V 35 AMP Autolite/Chrysler Generator

Price $240.00

voltage regulator

6V Positive Ground VR2 Voltage Regulator (Made In USA)

Price $72.00

Rebuilt 6V starter

Rebuilt 6V Starter

Price $275.00

Electrical Dataplates

generator tag Chrysler Starter tag dataplate drive nails Autolite Distributor ID tag

Autolite Generator Tag

(acid etched)

Chrysler Starter Tag

(acid etched)

Dataplate Drive Nails

Dataplate not included

Autolite Distributor ID Tag

Price $16.95

Price $16.95

Price $0.25

Price $16.95


Dodge Truck Horn Assembly fiber wire
fiber wire
fiber wire

Dodge Truck Horn Assembly

3/16" Fiber Wire Loom-By The Foot

3/8" Fiber Wire Loom-By The Foot

1/2" Fiber Wire Loom-By The Foot


Price $1.00/foot

Price $0.80/foot

Price $1.40/foot

Ground Strap Ground Strap Voltage reducing resistor voltage reducer

1/4" x 8" Ground Strap (Fuel Sender to Frame)

1/2" x 8" Ground Strap (Cab to Frame)

12V to 6V Voltage Reducing Resistor - for Radio

12V to 6V Voltage Reducer Electronic - Overload Protected

Price $5.50

Price $5.75

Price $30.00

Price $19.00

braided wire braided wire barrel terminal
Bakelite connector

14 Gauge Braided Wire - by the foot

Price $0.50

12 Gauge braided wire - by the foot

Price $0.55

Male Barrel Terminal - Requires 4 prong Crimp Tool

Price $0.45

Female/Female Bakelite Plastic Connector

Price $2.59

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